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About us

The world of modelling has never offered more possibilities. With an amazing range of materials, scales, and subject matter, hobbyists can bring any of their modelling ambitions to life.

2K Technologies was established in 1999 as a mail order internet online model shop, selling quality models directly from the manufacturer and has grown to be one of the largest in the UK sending out over 1000 orders per week world wide.

We at 2K Technologies have assembled a vast product collection on a single website. Every skill level is catered for; whether you’re an absolute beginner, a modelling expert or somewhere in between, we have a product that’s perfect for you. We’ll also help you realise any modelling interest- rule the rails with our model locomotives, and conquer land, sea or air with our road vehicles, boats and planes. Alternatively, start from scratch with our model and war gaming kits; paints, adhesives, tools and more are all available on the website.

With multiple scales, the biggest brands and products for every interest, 2K Technologies is the perfect place for your modelling needs. Whatever your aim, we’ll help your hobby become bigger and better than ever before!